July 19, 2017

Graphic Organizers: Always a Go-To Solution

Graphic Organizers for Daily Oral Dialogs

Daily Oral Dialogs integrate with Reading, Math and other Content Areas; any way you like.

Just write Daily Oral Content along a storyline.

Following a storyline ensures that you…

  • Maintain students’ interest
  • Make the daily experience something to look forward to…and predictable
  • Always face more content than you can use
  • Can create added content for Homework and Learning Centers
  • Keep Daily Oral Dialogs from becoming random, disjointed, sterile learning
  • Can add Graphic Organizers to comprehension and learning styles assessments

And you can connect all of these with Graphic Organizers.

In fact, Graphic Organizers fit into Daily Oral Dialogs every day, in multiple locations, as part of any step you wish.

Students Make their Own

One method of integrating Graphic Organizers into daily instruction involves creating a Graphic Organizer Sampler: A Booklet of Graphic Organizers.

Give one of these booklets to each student, and let student draw their own organizer.

Assign students to create a specific Graphic Organizer from the Daily Oral Dialog, or from the day’s reading assignment.

Or, allow students to choose which organizer to apply.

Watch all the creative ideas your student develop!

Why Graphics?

Images demonstrate ideas better than long descriptions, and images allows students to show that they mastered complex thinking.

Assessing how student think becomes easier with a visual representation of each students’ thought process.

Quick and easy. You and your students can create Graphic Organizers freehand, with rulers and compasses, and with digital tools.

Office Productivity software and online tools, such as Google Drive, offer high-interest motivation for students to read, think, discuss and show their ideas and insights.

So, employ Graphic Organizers at every opportunity within your integrated curriculum and with your students’ Daily Oral Dialogs activities.

Google Draw for Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizer Tutorial with MS Word 2007