Integrate Learning

Interconnect content areas, skills, outcomes and performance!

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Match and Manage Learning Styles

Deliver content the way students prefer!

Active and Responsive

Keep students sensing and doing, seeing and showing, hearing and talking.

Daily Oral Dialogs - Oral Language
Oral Language

Listening and Speaking. Also Body Language, Gestures and Facial Expressions. Target Smiles.

Daily Oral Dialogs - Reading - Thinking
Reading and Thinking

Reading means thinking, connecting ideas, talking to the author in your head, and challenging facts and opinions.

Math and Logic

Math and logic support critical thinking. There is no Science or History without measurement.

“Why scurry to find isolated, divergent learning activities? Connect, Interconnect, Build on What your Students Know and Can Do.”

~ Joseph Chmielewski

“Every visible endeavour has been made to make this an amazingly simple product to use.”

~ Leo Gopal

Learning Tools and Resources

Daily Oral Dialogs
Daily Dialogs

Connected Storyline Dialogues

Graphic Organizers

Logic and Visual Thinking

Daily Oral Dialogs Templates

Custom-Make Learning Materials

Daily Oral Language - Learning Styles Testing
Skills and Learning Styles Testing

Test Higher-Order Thinking


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